Tip: 5 Travel Gift Ideas Under $30

This is the time of year for holiday cheer…or anxiety if you have yet to purchase all of your holiday gifts.  Well have no fear! Below are my top five gifts under $30 for all of your friends who love to travel!

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes:  These cubes changed my life.  I admit that I am a terrible packer and have been known to dump out an entire bag looking for one item.  I like to call it organized chaos.  However, these packing cubes make it much easier to keep things organized.

Tile (2nd Generation):  This one is on my own holiday wish list!!  Okay, so here is how it works.  You place this tile on your key chain, LUGGAGE, or any item that you don’t want to loose.  Register your tile on the corresponding app.  And *miracle* if you loose your item, you can locate it in moments!  OMG do you know how much of a game changer this could be?

Selfie Stick:  Okay, okay, I must admit that I was hesitant to use a selfie stick.  Someone gave it to me as a gift.  I could not imagine using it…until I did.  My selfies are so much better now.  Although I still don’t always know where to look, I have the pose down pat (hahahaha).

Carry-On Cocktail Kit:  I love a stiff drink.  Old Fashions top my list of favorites.  But as we all know, airline cocktails can be quite limited.  So how awesome would it be to take your favorite cocktail kit on board?!?!  This one is also on my holiday wish list.

4 in 1 Travel Adapter:  I have traveled around the world…yet for some reason…on the eve of every trip…I can never find my travel adapters.  Losing adapters is annoying and expensive to replace.  I like this gift because it is multi colored and in my mind, bright colors make it harder to misplace.

I hope this list is helpful!  There is still time to get these items by Christmas.  Amazon has a special free one day shipping offer on selected items if you order by December 22!

Happy Holidays!


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