Episode 41: John Allen Chau: Missionary Martyr? Or Witless Wanderer?

This week’s episode discusses the controversy surrounding the death of 26-year-old traveler John Allen Chau.  Chau was killed in November 2018 after attempting to make contact with the North Sentinel tribe—a tribe that has rejected contact with the outside world for thousands of years.  Some call

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Episode 40: Passenger Bill of Rights

Happy Thanksgiving!  As we head into the busy holiday season, this episode focuses the passenger bill of rights for for airline, railway and cruise line travel.  Reyna Simone chats about some of the things she is most grateful for and discusses one of her Thanksgiving travel

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Episode 38: Big Brother-ish or Nah? The Future of TSA Security.

We’re back!! Life happened last week, but Reyna Simone is back just in time to tell you about the future of security with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  The agency plans to use biometrics—such as fingerprinting and facial recognition scanning to enhance security measures.  Reyna Simone

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Mini-Episode 10: Preparing When You Haven’t Prepared

Sometimes life happens–and this mini-episode is a testament to that.  This week, Reyna discusses how to prepare for travel, when you haven’t had time to prepare.
Parts of North Carolina and South Carolina are still reeling in the weeks after Hurricane

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Episode 37: Travel Hacking with Jet Set Lisette

On this episode of the Travel Quips Podcast, Reyna Simone interviews her new travel bestie, Lisette Austin, also known as Jet Set Lisette.  Lisette discusses travel hacking for airline miles and hotel points, dispels myths about travel hacking, and provides tips for getting the most miles

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Episode 36: Conquer Your Fear of Flying

One of the biggest barriers to travel (besides time and money) is a fear of flying. In this travel tech episode of the Travel Quips Podcast, Reyna Simone discusses apps, tips, and resources to help you overcome the fear of flying.
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