My Most Expensive Side Trip…

I generally pride myself on finding deals.  And I always associate the notion of a “side trip” with being inexpensive.  However, procrastination and indecisiveness probably added a couple hundred dollars to my last minute side trip…to Buenos Aires, Argentina!!

My ticket was about $700–and I know I could have gotten the tickets for about $300 cheaper, but I did not have the flexibility that I needed to benefit from the less expensive flights.  Oh and in addition, Americans must pay $160 to enter the country of Argentina (called a reciprocity fee), but once this fee is paid, you don’t have to pay it again for 10 years.
I did get a good deal on a hotel though– so my total for the trip (excluding spending money) was almost $1200.  For four days.  But then again, I did get my ticket the day before…lol.  Well, I hope it’s worth it 🙂