I Got My $$$…Now What? Eva Peron of Course!

So as you can imagine, banking issues bombarded my day.  So with cash in hand, what did I do afterwards?  I took a cab of course!  All of that walking was a bit much!

I made it to the Recoleta Cemetery to see the Eva Peron grave, the MALBA Museum, and the Evita Museo.  Argentinians love some Eva Peron!

In hindsight, I think a tour of the cemetery may have been worth it.  Although I had a map of the graves, the Peron grave was barely worth the trip and I’m sure that there are local legends, stories, and gossip associated with the cemetery that would have made the trip super interesting.

The MALBA museum was a nice modern museum, focused on Latin American artwork.  Most of  the exhibits featured the work of prominent Latin american artist, Antonio Berni–who did an amazing job of capturing the struggles of young, poor Argentinians.

And of course, I had to go to the Eva Peron Museum.  The museum had various dresses, outfits, pictures and mementos from the beloved First Lady of Argentina.  Her presence is everywhere–so it was interesting to gain a better understanding of her life and why she is so revered.

After the museum, I cabbed back to the neighborhood of my hotel and walked up and down Florida Street–which also boasts some of the city’s great shopping.

After the fiasco of the day, I needed a glass of wine…it was one of the highlights of my day.  My hotel had reasonably priced Argentinian wine, which was quite fantastic.

So how would I spend my last night in Argentina?  With a Tango Show of course!

My hotel offered a variety of shows and the prices varied depending on the location and whether or not you wanted dinner.  The best part is that all of the shows they offered included a hotel pick up and drop off.

Interestingly enough, the reviews for many of the Tango Shows was quite poor.  One of the biggest online complaints was that the shows were overpriced or the food was not good.  I pretty much figured the shows were overpriced–I imagine locals aren’t beating down the doors for a tango show.  I finally found a venue that had reasonable reviews in terms of price and quality of food.

I went to Piazzolla–hotel pick up/drop off, dinner, and the show cost about $105 US dollars.  Dinner was late by US standards (served at approximately 9 pm) but included unlimited wine, which actually tasted pretty decent.  The show started around 10:00 p.m.  The show was good–there were some dancers who blew others out of the water.  The entire show was in Spanish–and my Spanish is no bueno–but I was able to get the general gist of the show based on the dancing.  Overall-I’m glad I went.  A trip to Argentina just would not be the same without a tango dance!  I was pleased with my experience and would recommend it.