How I Got the Best Pictures of Machu Picchu

I can fully admit it…I wasn’t ready.

Mentally–I was all in–

But physically–the Inca Trail kicked my ass.

Literally, figuratively, and any other kind of adjective you could use to describe it.

Steps.  Lots. Of. Steps.  Did I mention that I hate steps?   That, coupled with the bandages I had to have cover BOTH of my pinky toes because they developed calluses that became painful on my trip, digestive issues that plagued me as soon as I woke up (pepto poppin was my thing during this trip), altitude sickness, nausea, and not properly eating…well…you can only imagine the day was not really working out in my favor lol.

But hey, I like to focus on the positive….so instead of discussing how hiking the Inca trail was the worst decision I have made in a long time, LOL, I would like to focus instead on the weird result of my ill fated day–getting the best pictures of Machu Picchu ever–with absolutely NO tourists inside.  That’s right–despite the 2500 people allowed to roam the site daily, by the time we got to the site (delays of course caused by all of those issues I listed above LOL), I have pictures of Machu Picchu that I am guessing 99% of you could only get in a postcard.

How am I so sure that my pictures were unobtainable outside of my massive delays?  Because I also have pictures from the next day–and although the weather was crap trust me, the bus loads of people started piling in from early in the day.

Overall Machu Picchu was beautiful.  Especially since I had hoped to see it last year this time, but injuries and a long recovery prevented me from doing so.  But trust that I will skip out on the self imposed hazing next time around.

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