it’s been the longest day or two-i am running on fumes, but so excited to hang out and catch up with my girl. My plane was scheduled to leave NYC at about 8pm-but I didn’t touch down until 8am the following morning (east coast time). Only about 2 hours of sleep on the plane…but despite that I’ve had a productive day. Had drinks and a light dinner on the beach with one of my friend’s friends (she was at work), learned some basic Hebrew phrases, sampled some israeli wine, took a shot of Arok, (tasted like licorice which my girl likened to her experience in Israel so far-tastes like sh*t but makes you feel good lol), met up with some of her friends, did a little bit of shopping, caught up on life, and got an itinerary for the rest of my trip together. Oh and I can’t forget my kosher kitchen lesson. My friend keeps a kosher kitchen and although I knew the basics (no meat and dairy in the same meal), I had no idea that it extends to the kitchen utensils you can use! Her system is pretty thorough-and I think I’ve got it down pat-although I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about using the wrong utensil for the wrong food and damning my friend and her roommate for eternity…that’s a lot of pressure lol. Blue and green plates, tupperware, and utensils for dairy and “other” which includes fruits, veggies (except onions bc I think they absorb something in certain situations), eggs (considered “other”) and I think seafood (but no bottom feeders on the menu at all over here which excludes shellfish and I think catfish). Red plates, tupperware, and utensils for beef, lamb, and birds. Meat and non-meat dirty dishes can’t touch in the sink or be washed by the same dish rag. And then…bc my friend is thoughtful-there’s a stack of disposable plastic plates, utensils, etc. Can use those for anything, anytime. (Insert sigh of relief here. LOL). Productive day-but it’s a wrap! Nite ya’ll!