Door-to-Door in 24

Okay, well not quite a 24 hour trip…but it’s been pretty close. I am finally in Beijing! My first flight was about an hour and a half. I had about a 3 hour lay over in Newark, then boarded a plane for a 13 hour flight to Beijing. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Between the in-flight movies and the VERY chatty people on my row, the time seemed to pass quickly. Plus [on a very random note] I found a pair of earrings that I “put away” so that I wouldn’t lose them [that was 4 monts ago] and I found them today in the airport in the pocket of a notebook. Why I put them there I have no idea–but finding them right before I got on that 13 hour flight made my day.

My first impressions of Beijing are pretty much what I expected. I can’t read most of the signs {except the ads which all seem to have captions}. The city center is like most cities: dirty. There are tons of people, most of whom are riding bikes. And I can’t forget to mention the LONG stares. I actually read that staring should be expected for “minority travelers.” I couldn’t help but laugh when I walked by a young female who not only stared, but also did a 180 so that she could keep staring [AND had her mouth wide open]. Others automatically try their English out on me. Good thing staring doesn’t bother me, LOL.

So tonight I’m keeping it lite–I’m going to an acrobatics show this evening…Other than that, I’m going to chill, try to get on this time schedule and figure out what I’m doing tomorrow.

Well, I just wanted to let ya’ll know that I’m here and I’m safe!