Adventure, Peru


There was a lot of hype surrounding Cusco.  Several Peruvians we met along the way were either from Cusco or just loved the city so much that they

Adventure, Peru

Black Jesus!

In Arequipa, it is not at all controversial…
Located at the Cathedral Museum of Arequipa

Adventure, Peru

Arequipa to Puno

Most Peruvians travel by bus and the bus system in between owns runs quite regularly.  Several are also quite ready for tourists and although can be a bit

Adventure, Peru

Colca Canyon

One of the reasons I wanted to visit Peru was to see Colca Canyon.  This is touted as one of the deepest canyons in the world and is

Adventure, Peru


This town has been great so far.  Once we arrived, showered the overnight bus off, and rolled out, it was very easy to find the historic part of


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