Adventure, Argentina

That Kinda Day

Have you ever had that kind of day that has a traumatic start, but ends up not that tragic after all, but throws you so far off your

Adventure, Argentina

Graffiti and Street Art

Buenos Aires, as a city, is known for many things:  night clubs, tango dancing, Eva Peron…I could go on and on.  But what I did not expect to

Adventure, Argentina

Lively LaBoca

LaBoca is an overwhelmingly touristy, but strangely beautiful neighborhood.  The LaBoca neighborhood is home to the soccer stadium, which as you can imagine, many visitors were super hype about.

Adventure, Argentina

Buenos Aires!

So my first impression of Argentina is that there is a lot to do!  I didn’t get settled into the hotel until about 9pm.  So I opted

Adventure, Argentina

My Most Expensive Side Trip…

I generally pride myself on finding deals.  And I always associate the notion of a “side trip” with being inexpensive.  However, procrastination and indecisiveness probably added a couple hundred


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