Adventure, China

Heading Home

I want to thank everyone who’s read my on-line journal and sent me comments, emails etc. regarding my trip. I really do appreciate it! This whole on-line journal

Adventure, China

I love cultural exchanges…

Sorry I couldn’t post yesterday. I had every intention of getting online, but in usual fashion, I was running late for a train, so I opted for a

Adventure, China

Back In China

The one thing I’ve realized about transportation in China is that nothing is on time. Sorta works out for me since I’m always running late I guess. Ferries,

Adventure, China

Climbing Moon Hill

This post was edited to add additional photos from the climb up Moon Hill.  The view was worth every step!

Adventure, China


The Yangshuo picture posts were edited from their original form–I consolidated the photos of Yangshuo into one post.



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