At the Red Sea

We spent last night and all day today camped out at the Red Sea. Apparently this is a trip that several of Shara’s friends take annually, but this is her (as well as my) first time joining in. So far it has been…interesting? LOL. We got here last night to find that this particular group has all the necessities (tents, water, clothing, and guitars for entertainment), but failed to think about the food aspect. At all. Maybe it’s an Israeli or Brazilian (or man) thing-but I’m still in shock. I mean usually don’t people get food for the trip and just have people pitch in for cost? Last nite for dinner, I wandered up the street to a restaurant. This morning I ate some left overs from my dinner the nite before. Finally by lunch Shara got a plan together, but dinner tonite was the same as last nite-going to a restaurant to ensure that I wouldn’t starve. As Shara, her friend Karina and I went up the street for dinner the rest were just thinking about food for dinner (which had to be taken care of quickly bc many of those on the trip adhere to shabbot and won’t exchange money or purchase food prepared on Shabbot.

I am really at a loss here-i mean camp food is the whole point of camping isn’t it? I would’t be so annoyed except I’m without a car and those driving are on chocolate milk and water diets lol.

The camp spot is actually right on the water, which is cool. But the beach in this particular spot is rocky. Like no sand at all. Which makes sleeping in a tent pretty uncomfortable unless you like rocks in your ribs lol.

So now that I am done venting lol, the good part so far…waking up and literally just walking from the tent to the Red Sea. And falling asleep to the sound of waves hitting the shore.

The water is crystal clear. Even up to your waist you can see your toes…and the fish are beautiful. I have hit up the Red Sea, Mediterrainian Sea, Dead Sea, and the Sea of Galilee in one trip…I am quite impressed with my progress!

We are camping the rest of tonite and tomorrow then heading back to Tel Aviv. Fortunately, I have a food stash so I’m not worried about being hungry tomorrow!

My trip is quickly coming to a close! I have tonite and tomorrow nite (which will be spent in a car back up to Tel Aviv. I leave Sunday nite at 11pm. I’m trying to figure out how to spend my last day! Maybe head to Jerusalem to get in a few more sites? Or maybe head 2 hours to Akko, which is supposedly beautiful. We’ll see!