This town has been great so far.  Once we arrived, showered the overnight bus off, and rolled out, it was very easy to find the historic part of town.  We started by visiting Armas Square.  The square itself was crowded and filled with pigeons.  We started with a tour of the Musem of the Cathedral of Arequipa.  This church was similar to any Catholic church you might visit in the world, but for one very interesting twist that makes this a “must see” in this town:  a black Jesus.

Yes this church has a very prominent “black Jesus” and when the tour guide was talking about this, I had to do a double take because in all of my years of travel–I have never seen a black Jesus before…praises!

After black Jesus, we went to the Sana Catalina Convent.  I can say, without a doubt, that this is one of the most beautiful and peaceful sites I have seen in a very, very long time.

After the monestary, we had to stop for a Pisco Sour (heathens!  haha).  We  to the Pisco Museum–only open 14 days in Arequipa–but with a location opening in Seattle very soon.  The drinks were expenive, but the manager was very nice and very knowledeable about the making of Pisco.

After the drinks, we went to the “La Compania” Church.  This is apparently the oldest church in Arequipa and has stood the test of multiple earthqakes and uprisings.  The church is spectacular–but the museum portion was so small I could not believe that there wasn’t more to it.   We  happened to be sitting in the front row taking in the beauty of the museum when Mass started…so we took in most of the ceremony.  I guess that is our penance for going for drinks before going to church 🙂

We ended the day with a trip to Zingaro, a restaurant rated well by Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor.  As you may imagine, it was filled with nothing but tourists.  Although I always prefer more local spots, I figured that this was the best location to make my boldest food choice since my arrival:  traditional Cuy Chactado.  Or as you may know it:  guinea pig.

It tastes like chicken (haha, it really does taste similar) and let’s just say that I am glad that I tried it, but I will stick with my Popeyes from here on out 🙂